Equivite®, used as a supplement to good nutrition, all but guarantees your horse performs better as a racehorse or a show champion.


Vitamins Developed for Horses by Horse Doctors

Equivite® is vitamins for horses, invented by your horse doctors and their friends to assure consistent equine nutrition levels. And that's no horse's tale.

Equivite®: Vitamins for Horses

Several years ago several well-known equine doctors in southern California developed a vitamin supplement exclusively for their clients. Well it was so successful and so easy to use it sold by the ton.

Today Equivite® equine vitamins are sold directly from Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc., and from local feed supply stores. You can also find Equivite® in many veterinary hospitals.

Why Equivite®?

The answer is simple. Show horses, racehorses and breeding stock all perform much better when they have full, good quality nutrition. Yet we all know that each bale of hay, each bag of feed, each prepared diet for horses can vary greatly from one lot to the next. Equivite® helps level the nutritional field so that your horse has a beautiful coat of hair year-round. Horses on good nutritional planes also look and feel great inside and out, are calmer, and handle stress more easily.

Improves Breeding Success

As a breeding mare or stallion using Equivite® assures increased chances of pregnancy, increased reproductive desire, and better libido than horses that do not take vitamin supplements, or those on supplements of lesser quality and experience.

A Healthy Value

Equivite® assures consistent nutritional levels for the high performance your horses require. Equivite®'s proven quality and reasonable pricing makes it a great value. That is why Equivite® is used by some of the most successful horse owners, trainers, show people, and breeders.

for Horses
Per PoundAmount
Vitamin A1,000,000 I.U.
Vitamin D3250,000 I.U.
Vitamin E20,000 I.U.
Vitamin B121200 mcg.
Ascorbic Acid3000 mg.
Thiamine600 mg.
Folic Acid35,000 mcg.
Riboflavin600 mg.
Niacin800 mg.
d-Pantothenic Acid425 mg.
(Calcium d-Pantothenate)(426 mg.)
Menadione30 mg.
Selenium (Se)0.00%
d-Biotin30 mg.
Manganese (Mn)3,310 ppm.
Zinc (Zn)5,000 ppm.
Iron (Fe)1,000 ppm.
Copper (Cu)880 ppm.
Iodine (I)330 ppm.
Cobalt (Co)40 ppm.
Magnesium (Mg)4,400 ppm.
Calcium (Ca)3.09%
Potassium (K)4,409 ppm.
Phosphorus (P)2.43%
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